Kleen-Sticky Mat

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Maximise the prevention of contamination with this anti-bacterial barrier matting.

Designed for use in workplaces where hygiene is paramount, these clever sticky mats offer maximum removal of fine dust, dirt and other contaminants. Available in quantities of 30 or 60 layers, our sticky polyethylene mats will remove contamination from shoes and trolley wheels, making them ideal for use in laboratories, hospitals, surgeries or clean operating areas.

Why choose Kleen-Sticky Mat?

  • Maximise reduction of foot borne contamination
  • Facilitates cart and foot traffic
  • 30 or 60 layers of instant renewed protection
  • Anti-bacterial element
  • Optional nitrile rubber containment frame
  • Easy relocation
  • Quick removal
  • Made in Europe

Product details:

  • Overall height: approx. 1.14 mm


  • Polyethylene layers


  • Medical facility
  • Surgery
  • Laboratory
  • Clean room entrance
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Country of Manufacture Poland
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