Kleen-Thru Plus

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All-rubber matting designed exclusively for the professional kitchen and bar!

With ribbed holes for drainage, this washable workspace mat is made from 100 % nitrile rubber with built-in anti-bacterial properties that last for the life of the mat. Integrated with foam nitrile rubber, this versatile mat helps to ease the fatigue in jobs where long periods of standing are required, such as professional kitchens, bar areas, wet rooms and production facilities.

Why choose Kleen-Thru Plus?

  • Anti-bacterial properties make it ideal for kitchen placement
  • Ribbed surface with holes for drainage
  • Low temperature resistance -30°C
  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • Skid resistant rubber back
  • PVC-free
  • Light- and colour resistant
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • 2 years Manufacturers Guarantee
  • Made in Europe

Product details:

  • Total mat weight: approx. 4.33 kg/sqm
  • Overall height: approx. 8 mm


  • 100 % Nitrile rubber

Application areas:

  • Indoor or outdoor placement
  • Professional kitchens
  • Bars
  • Wet areas


  • EN 13501-1 / Efl-s1
  • EN 14041 Antistatic
  • AATCC 30 / AATCC 100
  • NFSI High-Traction


  • The Kleen-Thru Plus mats are machine washable up to 60 °C.
  • The Kleen-Thru Plus mats should be washed separately with mild detergent and spun at a low speed.
  • The Kleen-Thru Plus mats can be washed up to and including size 60x86 cm in a household washing machine.
  • Larger mats should be washed in an industrial laundry.
  • Please lay the mats flat on the floor or on a clothes horse for drying.
  • Please always pay attention to the maximum load of your washing machine.
  • You can also clean the Kleen-Thru Plus mats from time to time with a steam cleaner.
  • It is also possible to clean the Kleen-Thru Plus mats with a high pressure cleaner.
  • In addition, simple shaking to remove dirt and dust is sufficient for the maintenance of the Kleen-Thru Plus mats.
  • Taking regular care of your rubber mat will ensure you have many years of high quality and performance.

More Information
Country of Manufacture Poland
Colour Black
Surface Nitrile rubber
Backing Nitrile Rubber
Washable 60 degrees
Guarantee 2 years
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